An excerpt from my prison journal illustrates the depths of my depravity resulting in my incarceration and the seeds of my ethical and spiritual rebirth. I am still a work in progress , but I know I’m heading in the right direction:

December 8, 2012

I most definitely considered myself a financial predator. The more money I accumulated, the more money I craved, and the more ruthless I became. I signed contracts and promissory notes I had absolutely no intention of honoring. I submitted false financial statements and false stock market trading reports to my banks, my lenders, and my investors. I could have cared less about the consequences of my actions. My money addiction raged out of control.

Recreating the origins, implementations, and the horrible consequences of my fraud was devastating, as it brought every sordid detail back to life. It is extremely depressing for me to face the fact that I acted as a despicable human being towards many people.

I take comfort and solace in the fact that I am no longer that man. I am determined to take advantage of the opportunity prison has provided for me and use it as a stepping stone towards living the life of a humble man who embraces his family, his friends, and people in need. I strive to conduct myself in a manner that my family and friends can be proud. I am definitely a work in progress, and I know I have many doubters, but I now can finally stand up and proudly state I am proud of the man who I have become.