Greed. Survival. Redemption.
How Dying in Prison Saved My Life.

Written surreptitiously behind prison walls this is the captivating journey of author, Mark Jackson – from greedy stock market trader making millions of dollars operating a Ponzi scheme to surviving Colorado’s most notorious and violent prisons. Mark memorialized his prison experiences by writing in a journal. This book is the product of over 650 pages of those handwritten entries detailing his fears, emotions, and interactions and eventual self-transformation behind bars.

This is a unique and inspirational story about prison tragedies and triumphs mixed in with some wry humor.  This book was not written for selfish purposes, but rather to inspire others and help them realize they too can overcome their own personal challenges and adversity. This is a true life story about greed, survival, and redemption.

Recently listed by The Denver Post as the top best-selling local book! 

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Book Excerpt:

I realized the pledge I made on my death bed would mean nothing if I couldn’t survive the rigors of prison. Before I could rehabilitate myself and improve the lives of my fellow inmates, I had to learn how to be a good inmate. I knew how to conduct myself in free society (my prison sentence said otherwise), but I realized I had little idea how to act in a prison society.  Read More

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