Mark Jackson Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speeches

Mark Jackson has three different speech topics he can deliver to your audience. Each is customized to your business or event.  His powerful and inspiring story of transformation and renewal motivates audiences to reexamine their own lives and flourish. Mark's presentation is suitable for large or small audiences.

Overcoming Insurmountable Odds

Mark inspires audiences by making them realize with intense focus, desire, and determination, they can conquer their fears, self-doubts, and internal demons, and accomplish anything they desire.  Mark made the decision to change his life while cuffed and chained to a hospital gurney.  The only cuffs and chains impeding most people are self-imposed, preventing them from accomplishing their goals and dreams.  Mark will help these people break the chains holding them back.

Ethics in Business and Life

Mark explains how he deceived himself into believing his illegal actions were actually well within the scope of the law.  Mark warns audiences that the slightest indiscretion left unchecked can turn into a massive and full-blown ethical disaster leading to adverse consequences.  This presentation teaches individuals or corporations how to avoid these situations.

White Collar Crime

The thin line separating legal from illegal behavior and actions can be and is easily crossed.  Mark explains how easy it was for him to cross that thin line and operate a Ponzi Scheme deemed by The Denver Business Journal as one of the most notorious financial crimes in Denver business history.  Mark educates audiences about what to look for when analyzing a potential investment for their own portfolio.  The danger signs of white collar crime are everywhere - you just need to know how to identify them.  Mark guides investors and corporations through the process.

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