Satisfaction & Gratitude

I was honored to present my speech to Bayaud Enterprises last night. Bayaud offers multiple programs for people experiencing barriers to unemployment due to mental illness, homelessness, physical disabilities, or criminal history. I received positive feedback from my speech. The greatest satisfaction I can ever receive is from inspiring members of my audience to exit their comfort zones and accomplish great things with their lives.

After speaking, I met a man in the audience named Mark, a white collar felon who spent nearly six years in a Wisconsin prison. While incarcerated, his family deserted him, leaving him homeless and penniless. Mark’s story reinforces my belief that family love and support is essential for a smooth transition from incarceration to freedom. I am eternally grateful to my family for loving and supporting me during such a difficult time. They were my collateral damage, but they loved and supported me in spite of my actions. Without their love and support I may not have made it back into society.