What people are saying about Mark Jackson's keynote presentation:

" I found your story amazing, compelling, and a true testament to real life.  Your vulnerability and honesty in how you tell your story is something rarely found in anyone, and I was amazed by your turnaround in life.  You truly are an amazing person and I felt honesty and truth from you when you especially talked about redemption. "

Steve T.

"I am so inspired by your story.  You discovered the secret to life, Mark and you helped me tremendously today!"

Chaya P.

"More people in my company need to hear this!"

David C., Edward Jones

"Your story was so emotional it made me cry!"

Roy V., Life Vantage

"Mark presents his story with such passion.  I would recommend him to anyone!"

Tom K., Historian

"Thank you for sharing your journey.  You should be on TED Talks."

Jessica G.

"Inspiring story of being down in life and making a plan to be better; Mark is the truth.  He didn't shy away from anything."

Dan T., Target

"Fascinating story of his survival from a near death experience to his self-reinvention and helping others to conquer life's hurdles."

Steve S., Kiwanis Club

"One of the best speakers I have ever heard..."

Marlene Ellis, Jeffco Sertoma Club Member

"So inspirational!  Makes me feel grateful for what I have.  Makes me want to do more.  I don't think there was a dry eye in the audience."


"He did not serve his time in vain!"

Cheryl S., Keller Williams Real Estate

"Not many can say they're a convicted felon and then share an inspirational story.  Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing a piece of your life that has the power to transform people's mindset."

Travis F.

"What an amazing story!  I had a friend who died from that same flesh-eating disease.  You are fortunate and obviously here for a reason, and you are in the right place to make a difference."


"I was on the edge of my seat!  Thank you for sharing and being humble.  You will do great work!"


"Very compelling.  There is a great sense of genuine hope in the way you speak.  Here's to the impact you will have and the leadership you will inspire in others."

Claire C.

"Absolutely an amazing story!  Very inspiring.  As a success and leadership coach, I aspire to touch people in that way."

Candice K.

"Passionate and from the heart.  You have much to offer the world."

Hal L.

"The honesty of his experience and behaviors was inspiring.  It is something I can pass on to others who are feeling defeated."


"Intellectual, insightful, and humble approach to the realities of prison life.  An obviously educated man describing an environment most of us will never know about."


"Mark, you are one in a million.  You're not bitter.  You're very inspiring!"


"Your presentation was magnificent and very well received. What an incredible story you have and you tell it so well."

Barb G.

"Your conversation with Craig Silverman on KNUS was inspirational!"

Daryl C., Waddell & Reed Inc.

"Interesting and sobering story full of insights into investing risks and pitfalls.  Very useful and wide appeal topic."

Brent G.

"Educational.  Makes me want to learn more.  Great structure and poise.  Your charisma and knowledge makes you very convincing."


"Thanks for the investment safety tips - obviously from an expert!  Easy listening and conversational on a difficult and disturbing topic."

Ron P.

"“Your Speech was well received at our conference. Several judges went out of their way to tell me that your keynote was extremely powerful and thought provoking.”

David C., Presiding Judge, Arvada Municipal Court


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